Ketan Lotia (Digital Magician)

Innovative Act

Meet Ketan, one of the finest Close up Digital Illusionist in Mumbai, entertaining a multitude of Corporate groups, Families and Bollywood personalities. His gentle nature, unassuming personality and a disarming smile works like magic. Over two decades of experience at sleight of hand, he fools you with his dexterity but does not offend you by making you look like a fool. In fact people enjoy being fooled at his hands. Mysterious activity will take place right under your nose. Coins, Cards and Non magical every-day objects come to life in his hands. The laws of science and logic are grossly and repeatedly defied. The only possible explanation - “MAGIC”. Internationally acclaimed while performing at Bahrain, Thailand, Mauritius, C

Video Update

Performed 7th Annual MICE India & Luxury Travel (MILT) 2019 Mumbai Edition for this fantastic opportunity the second time to entertain your esteemed Partners / associates using my unique and 'out of the world' Digital magic

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