Ketan Lotia (Digital Magician)

Innovative Act

Meet Ketan, one of the finest Close up Digital Illusionist in Mumbai, entertaining a multitude of Corporate groups, Families and Bollywood personalities. His gentle nature, unassuming personality and a disarming smile works like magic. Over two decades of experience at sleight of hand, he fools you with his dexterity but does not offend you by making you look like a fool. In fact people enjoy being fooled at his hands. Mysterious activity will take place right under your nose. Coins, Cards and Non magical every-day objects come to life in his hands. The laws of science and logic are grossly and repeatedly defied. The only possible explanation - “MAGIC”. Internationally acclaimed while performing at Bahrain, Thailand, Mauritius, C

Event Update

Engagement ceremony is one such ceremony which marks the beginning of the wedding concord. It was one of the fabulous event. The highly energetic guests made it all possible with their blessings. Wishing the couple a wonderful journey ahead.

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