Kavea Chavali

Emcee / Host

Kavea R Chavali is an award winning Anchor/Presenter having hosted more than 1300 shows across the globe and a television anchor. Her passion for stage, her acumen to connect with the audience and her versatility in her talents make her one of the most sought after anchor for live events. Considered to have the classiest voice in the industry, she is the voice behind some of the top brands, advertisements, and documentaries. A former Navy Queen and a qualified Electrical engineer, she has been listed as the top anchors ruling the events space.

Event Update

The stellar 'Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing' 2018 Delhi took place on 21-22 September with some of the Stalwarts joining the 2 days of dialogue. Hosting the show Kavea R Chavali was brought on board again to host the proceedings of the show. Her supreme energy and versatility won the hearts of the audience .The fantastic execution by Coalesce events along with partners such as Everest industries,Berger paints ,Canadian Wood and many esteemed architects ensured that the Delhi edition is a superhit.

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