Gitikka Ganju Dhar

Emcee / Host

Gitikka Ganju Dhar is one of India's leading live talents, a Goliath in her field, First Awardee Live Quotient Awards Best Anchor India, she has been honored with the Bharat Nirman Award for her contribution to the field of anchoring in India. She was awarded Best Anchor India Female at EEMAX Spotlight Awards two years in a row, in 2018 and 2017 and Best Emcee at Business World Applause Awards 2017, taking her tally to 4 'Best Anchor' awards. She has recently been awarded the top award for a live artist in India - an incredible honor, THE WOW LIVE ARTIST OF THE DECADE at WOW Awards Asia 2018! Business World Applause in 2019 honoured her with Best contribution to Indian Experiential Realm Award. She was awarded the Anchor of the Millennium award at the Global Iconic Awards 2019.

She is a veteran of more than two dozen television shows and more than three thousand live events across the globe. Her sheer talent and skill are admired by one and all in the industry. She is idolized by the young blood entering the Indian live industry. Her versatility, spontaneity, dynamic personality, vibrance, the ability to rule the stage and her audience, her legendary professionalism and discipline mark her a cut above the rest. Whether a corporate event, government or social event she always raises the bar and takes the event to different level. 

The intellectual quotient she brings to the job is unparalleled. She is also a content curator, moderator, and writer and is India's preferred anchor for content based conferences and government events that involve the presence of  Heads of State, Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Gitikka believes that her work is the real celebrity and is the force behind her unstoppable career in the world of talk. Her presence in the leadership bracket for almost two decades is standing proof of her unwavering popularity and solid expertise. One may see her wielding the baton of a motivational speaker in a few years from now. “Nothing matters more to me than being respected, as a professional, as a creative person and as a woman. “ She says. Well, they don’t call her one of the most respected anchors of the country for nothing!

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Event Update

This year, it was in #Kolkata that we welcomed the delegates to the 7th edition of the International Convention of the Wedding Fraternity ICWF. And as I welcomed them, I #said, "Yes, a #wedding is the societal union of two human beings, but at its core, it is promise that one human being makes to another, a promise of lifelong love, loyalty and unity. That moment of promise is what wedding is. Everything else is a celebration of that promise, a manifestation of that promise, an affirmation of that promise. Today, the #essence of a wedding has been #lost amidst the golden glitter, glorious glimmer, and grandiloquent grandiose. And for this, we as an #industry stand #responsible. In #Hindumythology, the marriage of Lord #Shiva and Princess #Parvati is described as one of the greatest marriages of all times. Not because, the whole world came together to celebrate it, but because never before and never after was the love between two human beings marked more intimately, with its essence intact. One of #Kalidasa’s greatest works ‘#Kumarasambhava’, the epic poem describes the marriage of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati..." And a lot more was said, expressed, felt, explored and shared at #DAY1 of the #biggest wedding fraternity summit this side of the world.

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