Francesca Mascarenhas

Emcee / Host

I have anchored a popular Entertainment TV Show on Zee Wion, Interviewed Celebrities, Covered Live Events, Hosted Events/Conferences and I have been Writing professionally for over 12 years. 


An excellent command over theEnglish language allows me to express my views, sense of humour and hold an audience captive, which has proven to be my strongest skill set. My wit and charisma makes my work on and off camera look effortless, especially while interviewing celebrities and hosting events.


My affinity to travel, fashion and lifestyle is portrayed through my Website ( and You Tube Videos, where I employ social media to reach out to a global audience.


My meticulous organisation and planning, content creation, conceptualization, communication skills and event management arms me with enough ammunition to take on any task.


I look forward to working with you …