Innovative Act

Collaborating with some of the best choreographers and performers, Natura has developed a number of unique aerial acts in-house that can be effortlessly integrated into any live event or show, with minimal tweaking to suit whatever theme you have in mind! All you need to do is choose your act and we’ll take care of the rest – rigging, artists, choreography, makeup, soundtrack, and everything in between. On the other hand, perhaps a grand aerial entry is what your event needs! For your bridal couple, a varmala act, or your celebrity entry on stage, nothing catches the eye like an aerial entry. Even for your corporate events…nothing livens up a conference like a CEO or a MD flying in!

Event Update

They fly, float and free fall. Unravelling their stories before our eyes. A passionate mix of music and aerial art comprising of three elements, seamlessly put together on the Aero Cube, Flying Silk & the Ring of Faith

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