Chin2 Bhosle

Singer/ Performer

Chin2 Bhosle is a singer with India's first and only boy band - A Band of Boys - and he's given you evergreen hits like 'Meri Neend' and 'Gori'. His performances over the last 15 years include those with his grandmom Asha Bhosle and he's performed on the best stages that this country and the world has to offer. He has also performed for various TV shows and live televised concerts (Sa re ga ma pa, Indian Idol, Femina Ms. India, Indian Telly Awards, etc.) and has been doing shows for corporates (Reliance, Airtel, Glenmark Pharma, etc.), weddings and private parties too (Diwali, New Years, etc.).

Event Update

Chin2 Bhosle and his progressive rock band - Blue Blood - was called to perform at the prestigious AIIMS college festival in Delhi (headlining with the likes of Sonu Nigam and Papon). The audience was enthralled to see the progressive rock at its best and were blown out of their minds with the power packed performance of his rock band. With lots of headbanging, jumping and screaming, the band finally took a bow after a 90 minutes performance with the audience screaming for more!

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