Chaitanya Rathi

Emcee / Host

A Storyteller. A worshipper of kinship. A Bard who binds the event and the audience into a merry union of bliss. Call him the host, the Emcee, or the Master weaver of Yarns –Chaitanya Rathi keeps your show together. 'Live to Talk, Talk to Live' is the motto that the adept Chaitanya has perfected to an art. This is his métier, his craft, his calling.

Event Update

Emcee Chaitanya was the preferred choice to host the press conference by Moneygram announcing the launch of a very special fan campaign ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 by none other than Yuvraj Singh. Moneygram has developed a website where fans across the world can go and post their wishes for their favourite team at the world cup. The event held at Four Seasons was attended by electronic and print media, and managed by Woot Factor. #LiveToTalkTalkToLive #Emcee #emceechaitanyarathi #storyteller #MicKaLaal

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