Bharat Jain

Emcee / Host, LQ Handpicked


A versatile Presenter! I host the entire gamut of events - from serious business to funfilled jamborees, all over.  My career spans 7 years in active presenting.. in line with the brief from my clients, I carry an event through with signature aplomb and creativity.

Given the energy, enthusisam he renders and the unique style that immerses everybody in the audience, this bald anchor is truly - The BALD Face of Entertainment. 

Event Update

It was a memorable occasion for the Dixit Family of Hyderabad, as Mr. Mahesh Dixit, the granite magnate had his youngest son tying the knot! Guests had lined up from across the seven seas - business counterparts and family members from across the globe were present. Bharat's job was to keep the evening a euphoric one immersing one and all. Also, he was to share the importance of the rituals with the International guests and keep them hooked all throughout. Bharat opened the Sangeet in a traditional manner. Having hosted many a corporate events brought along an innate nature of being formal and being relevant, which was much needed given the high profile of the guests. Bharat says - "The experience of hosting corporate events was quite helpful as I came here to host a wedding. It allowed me to build upon the inherent nature of being dignant - making use of the right tonality, humor and content. The major challenge here was I had to cater to diverse audiences and yet keep everyone hooked, and I am glad that all the efforts I put in, struck the right chords with the audiences." The sangeet had performances from both the bride and the groom's side and then the ring ceremony took place. Bharat invigorated the house with energy and got everyone to stand up and cheer for the bride and groom. Bharat then pulled the groom's (Varun) leg by having a round of engagement with him where he was blindfolded and had to recognize his bride (Shilpa) to be. The house burst in laughter with the consequences of the game. Mr. Dixit thanked Bharat for making the evening ineffaceable and enlivening.

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