Anuj Gurwara

Singer/ Performer, Emcee / Host, Actor

A truly multi-talented entertainer, Anuj Gurwara is a Filmfare-award winning Singer, high energy Performer, dynamic Master of Ceremonies, experienced Actor and highly skilled Voice Artist. With all of these talents in his arsenal, Anuj brings an edge of sophistication, wit, humour and energy to the stage and the studio.

Event Update

Despite not being a Telugu native, I am a Filmfare-award winning playback singer for the Telugu industry. As part of the Super Masti public concert series of ETv, I was invited to perform on 8th Jan, along with my colleagues/icons from the industry at a huge event in Telangana. Audience size approximately 12000-15000 people! Had a super time singing my own original hits along with many others!

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