TeliBrahma creates interactive platform at Auto Expo

by EVENTFAQS Bureau | Corporate/Brand Marketing | January 12, 2012

The Auto Expo has pushed most technology innovators to outdo their best. TeliBrahma, Bangalore's leading mobile solutions company, created a digital interactive platform at the Expo. Consumers can experience rich media engagement through their mobile and digital screens when they visit various brand pavilions.


Ford, Hero, TVS, Hyundai, Mercedes and Bosch pavilions are using the solutions being provided TeliBrahma. Brand engagements such as games, videos and wallpapers at the Auto Expo are integrated and delivered as an interactive application which delivers rich media engagement to the consumer's mobile via Bluetooth or WiFi. Through TeliBrahma, Auto Expo consumers can get interactive access to content such as games, dealer locations and videos, directly through their mobile.


In some pavilions, an interactive OOH medium offering a gesture-based digital kiosk which is a multi-dimensional application makes live gesture recognition, image recognition and face recognition all possible in a simulation phase. TeliBrahma also handles mobile augmented reality solution wherein brand engagement is as simple as taking out your mobile, photographing an image and getting uncluttered media information at the venue. The company has also used motion-sensor games at several pavilions to interact with customers.


"Consumer engagement is our objective and we shall continue to work on the above lines with our solutions to make sure that the consumers receive nothing but the best when they open their mobile anywhere, anytime, anyplace," said Suresh Narasimha, CEO, TeliBrahma.


TeliBrahma has been working with these auto majors for more than three years now. "We handle their mobile technology requirements. In an environment such as the Auto Expo, it is not easy to get the desired outcome, but we have managed to. The reception has been extremely good from the consumers," added Narasimha.



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