SABMiller launches second leg of 'Respect the Road' campaign

by EVENTFAQS Bureau | Corporate/Brand Marketing | January 3, 2012 | News

SABMiller India introduced the second leg of the ‘Respect the Road' campaign, which kick-started in Gurgaon in October and will continue till March. The campaign was conceptualised keeping in mind the possibility of drunken driving cases, considering the festive fervour.

Speaking about the objective behind this initiative, Meenakshi Sharma, Vice President-Sustainability and Communications, SABMiller India said: "Supporting responsible drinking behaviour is one of the core sustainable development priorities for SABMiller worldwide. In India too, we are engaged in promoting a responsible approach to alcohol consumption. Keeping in mind the high probability of an increase in drunken driving cases during the festive celebrations, we have expanded the scope of activities under this campaign to motivate people to follow traffic rules and not to mix drinking and driving."

Emphasizing the concept of overall road safety with the focus on not drinking and driving, SABMiller India has collaborated with Home Safe, the first chauffeur service in the NCR region, which is providing over 50 chauffeurs for the initiative and will provide people with the option of being driven to their destination after they drink. The campaign has been rolled out in 30 to 40 pubs and bars of Gurgaon such as Route 04, Route 69, bricks and Urban Café, amongst others.

Voicing his opinion on supporting this initiative, Shiven Madan, Director, Home Safe said: "We are happy to associate with SABMiller India to promote and support this campaign. We have witnessed a 10 to 15 per cent increase in our services post the rolling out of the campaign. We see a further 20 to 25 per cent increase by the end of this year due to the Gurgaon services."

In addition to these measures, messages are being put up on hoardings across the city of Gurgaon. 20 major petrol pumps are supporting the campaign by putting up messages and handing over pamphlets to all the people visiting the petrol pumps. The campaign further plans to create awareness by putting up posters at select police check posts and other major locations in Gurgaon.

SABMiller India is conducting a 360 degree amplification of the campaign to seek and garner consumer attention. The campaign's Facebook page provides the latest updates and will soon have various promotions encouraging people not to drink and drive. In addition, a radio campaign will also be rolled out during the festive season encouraging people to show responsible drinking behaviour.


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