Cream Events creates living rooms for Jack Jones, Vero Moda and Only

by EVENTFAQS Bureau | Corporate/Brand Marketing | March 19, 2012 | News

As the official event agency for bestseller brands Jack Jones, Vero Moda and Only, Cream Events was responsible for putting together the brands' stalls at the India Fashion Forum which took place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon, Mumbai, from March 13 to 15. The event was attended by prominent personalities from the fashion and retail industry.

As the stall was depicting three brands, it was divided into three sections, with each section having been inspired by the living room of the target audience for each brand. Cream Events created each section featuring the props and visual merchandising that would go into each section, bearing in mind the brand image and the kind of people who would be seen wearing their clothes.

Beginning with the Only Girl's room, as per the brief given, the room personified a girl who loves fun and colour and is a rebel, but in need of a partner in crime. For this girl, Cream Events created a room with a graffiti wall on one side and colourful furnishings with a cassette table top, bright green puffies and a yellow and black couch. In order to highlight the room, a yellow and blue dresser was set up with lights and lots of accessories to add that dash of teenage drama; and to highlight the brand's clothes, racks were put up to create a messy display - the way they would appear in a teenager's room.

The Vero Moda girl, on the other hand, is chic, mature and classy. She was given a completely white room with framed accessories and a clean, white wardrobe with neatly lined clothes. To add a romantic flavour to the look of the room, it was made on a mezzanine level with a balcony akin to a Shakespearean love story.

The 25 year old Jack Jones man's living room was made with a denim wall, fabricated with actual denim. The masculine effect in the room was created by including a five-gear bicycle, a foosball table and action movie posters that would bring out the attributes of a Jack Jones man.

Commenting on the execution, Vineet Gautam, Country Head, Bestseller said: "We have set a new benchmark for ourselves with the concept that we executed at IFF 2012. We briefed many event agencies before zeroing on the concept presented by Cream Events. We didn't want to go the cliche route of displaying a store, and the concept that Cream Events presented was quirky but innovative and a never done before idea, and that's what we liked and worked upon to deliver. We, as a brand, think differently and the same has been projected from time to time and yet again, with the unique concept of showcasing the lifestyle of our consumer, showing the brand from our consumers point of view. We are glad that IFF 2012 has applauded our stall so highly as we wanted to showcase the forward movement of the brand with this exhibition, which we believe has now been achieved."

Harshad Chavan, MD, Cream Events added: "Bestseller and Cream have had a long standing working association. As this was not a regular event but an exhibition, a pitch was involved and I am glad that along with the team, I was able to put forth a unique idea that was bought by the client immediately. Working with Bestseller is always an exciting experience as they are one of the few brands who are willing to experiment."


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