Collective Heads manages flash mob activation for UTV Stars

by EVENTFAQS Bureau | Corporate/Brand Marketing | September 12, 2011

Collective Heads managed an activation for UTV Stars at Oberoi Mall and R-City Mall in Mumbai, and at Select City Mall and Ambience Mall in Delhi on Sept 3. The activation, held to promote the show, 'Up Close and Personal with PZ', was a flash mob dance activity which aimed to attract the immediate attention of the mall visitors and create a buzz.

Commenting on associating with UTV Stars for the activation, Kiran Shetty, Partner, Collective Heads said: "UTV Stars had approached us for the project as we had also worked with them on the Mumbai launch and other press conferences in the past. The channel was clear about the theme and concept of the activation and thus, they called us to ensure that we use our expertise in both the cities for a clean execution. Everything from booking the mall and shortlisting the dance troupes to arranging for the costumes for all the dancers was managed by Collective Heads, with approval from UTV Stars."

A large group of trained professional dancers danced to the show's title track at the malls and caught the eye of the mall visitors across Mumbai and Delhi. The flash dance was conducted at regular intervals throughout the day.



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