CEAT associates with The Grand Indian Road Trip

by EVENTFAQS Bureau | Corporate/Brand Marketing | April 4, 2012

CEAT Ltd, an RPG enterprise, has associated with the biker's community xBhp to organize The Grand Indian Road Trip, a road trip that will witness five superbikes and one sports car travelling around India from March 10 to April 25.

CEAT's association with xBhp furthers its ‘Be Idiot Safe' initiative and takes it on-ground to spread awareness. The idea is to reach out to as many bikers as possible and convey the importance of prudence while riding a bike, and ensuring complete functionality of bike accessories, specifically the tyres.

CEAT, which has associated bikes and idiots on roads in their campaign, Be Idiot Safe, looks at this trip as a way to connect with the younger audience. The bikers riding CEAT branded bikes will cover various cities and towns on this road trip. These bikers will spot idiots around the country on this trip, capture and upload their pictures. They will further catalogue and categorize these idiots for an Idiot Directory. These bikers will also be visiting the CEAT Shoppe present in a city to service their vehicles and share their experiences on the road.

Speaking on this occasion, Vinod Kumar, Head Marketing, CEAT said: "We started this campaign to address a very prominent issue of bikers being victims of terrible road sense everywhere. As this gained acknowledgement in mainstream media, we decided to take it a step further and go on-ground and digital to enhance our reach. The partnership with xBhp is meant to serve this very purpose of reaching as many members of the biking community as possible with the message of prudence and bike care. We intend to upload the pictures and videos of idiots on the road to know how to be idiotproof. And yes, the superior grip and consistent performance of CEAT tyres does form an integral part of a bike and a bike's capability to be idiotproof."



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