Anurag Gupta elevated to CSO in Mudra Max

by EVENTFAQS Bureau | Corporate/Brand Marketing | May 17, 2010 | News

Anurag Gupta who was the President, Strategic Initiatives and Integration, at Mudra Max has recently been elevated to Chief Strategy Officer. He will continue to report to Pratap Bose, COO - Mudra Group and CEO - Mudra Max. As Chief Strategy Officer, Anurag will be in charge of all non-media businesses of Mudra Max and he will be tasked with building on the strategic capabilities across the entire agency. Anurag will also help integrate various changes in the new management initiatives and guide the overall Mudra Max strategy.

Pratap Bose, CEO - Mudra Max said, "We realize that as we grow in size and capabilities, a centralized control of vision and strategy is the key to focusing growth deliverables. Our key challenge in the medium and long term will be to manage organizational complexities, maintain market focus, and keep our offering clearly differentiated. As CSO, Anurag will be responsible for all such strategic shifts and execution. He brings a unique blend of organizational planning, creativity, entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of the business to this role and is the right person to take up this challenge."

Anurag brings with him 14 years of experience in sectors like advertising, brand management and media. He joined Mudra Max in 2008 and over the last two years, he has been responsible for setting up and strengthening several units of the organisation.

Anurag Gupta, CSO - Mudra Max added, " My new role will enable me to evolve Mudra Max to the next level by bringing in fresh ideas, fresh offerings and new ways of doing business. I am thrilled about the prospects offered by this position and look forward to delivering consistent results. I firmly believe that today the Mudra Group is the best place to be if you have the passion and drive for new ideas."


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