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  • SUNIL SALE DANCE COMPANY.. SSDC's SEASON SPECIAL. From corporate to wedding events and award shows to shoots. SSDC brings you varieties of dance style on national as well as international platform. Available in INDIA,EUROPE,UK and USA.

  • Satyajit himself a Chartered Accountant performs at CA Foundation Day for all the fellow Chartered Accountants

  • Please take a look at my anchor profile in the given link. thanks

  • Cricket World Cup is round the corner and many companies are likely to have Cricket theme for their events. Created exclusively for such audiences! We can customize and incorporate client messages like beating competition, growth, victory in the act

  • Shefali Saxena,known for her exciting show packaging as a True Entertainer, created a benchmark in Lavasa history of events for presenting a New Year's Eve 2015,as an event never seen before;enthralling guests of all age groups and taste,as comment ...

  • Satyajit performs at a Sangeet Event with custom designed puppets of Bride and Bridegroom.

  • Emcee Deepti Hosting the biggest award in Maritime Industry, The Gateway Award featured on ET Now.

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    • Pankhuri Awasthi

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      Pankhuri Awasthi

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      Emcee / Host,Model,Actor

      Rashmi Nigam

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    • The Lab of Crazy Scientists

      Innovative Act

      The Lab of Crazy Scientists

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    • Farah Rockstars

      Innovative Act,Dance Troupe / Choreographer,Dance Act / Performer

      Farah Rockstars

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    • Deepti Sadhwani

      Emcee / Host,DJ,Motivational Act

      Deepti Sadhwani

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    • Danish Sait

      Emcee / Host,Comic Act,Actor

      Danish Sait

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    • Vilas Nayak

      Innovative Act

      Vilas Nayak

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    • MC Abbas

      Emcee / Host,Actor,Dance Act / Performer

      MC Abbas

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    • Harihar Dash

      Dance Act / Performer

      Harihar Dash

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